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Rat’s Ass Review is a poetry journal whose editorial fancies are no more arbitrary than any other; they are simply more overtly so. I publish what I like.
Roderick Bates, Editor

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Rat’s Ass Review

Hi Roderick, I am an RAR alum from summer 2015. I have a contract to publish my first full-length book of poetry with Main Street Rag this year. Would it be all right if I posted a link to the advance sales page on the RAR Facebook group? Thanks–hope you are well.

love the rationale for choosing what you publish…in workshops when we’re told “the poem has to speak to the public” or some such, I smile….because I don’t give a rat’s ass if my poems reach “the public.

I write segments, form poems, physical pieces, free verse – you name it. often write with two thoughts hidden in the same words. some get it, some don’t. of course I’d like my work to be liked and understood, but know full well not everyone will like all!

Have just been notified that one of the poems, “The Cello” In a set of 6 that I submitted to you, earlier this year, or in late Dec. ’22, has been selected for poster distribution about the city in its Poetry in Plain Sight for November ’23.

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