Who are we?

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- Rat's Ass Review" />

Who are we?

Rat’s Ass Review was created by David M. Harris, who served as editor through 2014.
In 2015 Mr. Harris was kind enough to pass the mantle to Roderick Bates, who is the current editor.  (And yes, I know that it is poor form to publish one’s own poetry.  All I can say is that I didn’t; David published the two poems of mine which appear here.)
Writers who have provided wisdom, guidance, editorial insight, encouragement, and much-needed hugs include Pam Bernard, Joseph Citro, Pat Fargnoli, and Martha Silano.
Original drawings are by John Pierard. Other artwork is credited on the page where the art appears.
Every poetry magazine needs a Godfather. Ours is Joseph Citro.

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Who are we?

  1. Rick, I found the Love and Ensuing Madness site, tricked Google into finding the piece.

    Thank you so much. That publication meant a lot to me. I had had a hiatus from publishing, a madness, trying to save a small rural city in Florida. I called it the walled city. I helped the city win quite a few grants and awards. I’ve regained my senses and am back in 3rd year of recovery from that messianic nonsense and now living in St. Augustine. Have a pile up of manuscripts I’m sending out. Best success has been with placing digital animations.

    All best wishes, Christy

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